Arsenal Must Keep Momentum Going – Hector Bellerin

Arsenal Must Keep Momentum Going – Hector BellerinAfter back-to-back defeats without scoring in the Premier League at Stoke City and Liverpool in August, Arsenal seemed to have confirmed all predictions that they were not contenders to the title.

However, with three victories in four games since then, the mood is changing and Hector Bellerin is one reeling with new belief.

Coming back from Stamford Bridge with an impressive 0-0 scoreline showed that the team could be getting back to form.

All he wants now is for Arsenal to build on their recent momentum with victory against West Bromwich Albion on Monday Night Football.

He says in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports: “Even before Chelsea, the games against Bournemouth and in the Europa League helped the team build up the momentum.

“And the last few games against Chelsea, we have always come out on top and the team was confident we could do the same again.

“We were a bit disappointed as we had chances to score and when you come out of the game thinking, ‘we could have won that’, it is a bit disappointing.

“But to perform away from Stamford Bridge, which is always hard, and to come out with a clean sheet and a solid performance was very good for the mood in the team and the club.”

The Spain international is still being cautious in his optimism though.

“We have to go game by game and just like at the beginning of the season when things did not work out too well, and now things are getting better,” says Bellerin.

“But we do not have to think that everything is now done, or the other way round. We have to keep working hard and keep getting these results now.”

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